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Our Equipment

Low Moisture Pile Lifting System is the latest technology for cleaning and maintaining carpet. It is approved by major carpet mills for cleaning and pile lifting. Crystal Dry system is used for low moisture pile lifting, which makes carpets cleaner & brighter, immediately. Dual cylindrical brushes lift the carpet pile to insure thorough cleaning.

Then dirt is removed easily and effectively through the unique crystallization process. Carpet is dry in as little as thirty minutes because of very low moisture. It is safe for you, your carpet and the environment.

Chemstractor is the complete soil extraction system. The shampoo is applied to the carpet in the normal rotary scrubber manner. The soil, which is suspended in the foam generated by the shampoo, is instantly sucked up through the slotted underside of the extractor ring, through the open ends at the back of the ring, fed into two clear plastic hoses which feed directly into the wet vacuum pickup unit attached to the machine.

This action continues as long as the brush keeps regenerating foam. The carpet will dry faster and the risk of overwetting will be reduced to a minimum.

High Performance Extraction System. With the power of a truck mounted unit our extraction machines can deliver high pressure with the dual vacuum motors for superior drying times.

A pre-spray solution (Green Seal/Environmental Choice) is applied to carpet and after 5 to 15 minutes the carpets are cleaned by the extraction process using only clean hot water leaving your carpets residue free – recommended as the most thorough way to clean carpets by Carpet Manufactures.

Our Products

Crystal Dry Extra combines unique crystallizing polymers with effective detergent components, creating a perfect blend to emulsify embedded soils and encapsulate them for vacuum recovery.

Deca Lift is a three-in-one multi-purpose, carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaner.

New Benefect is natural disinfectant made from pure plant extracts with pleasant aromatherapeutic vapours.

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