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Company Profile

The owner, Joe Goncalves, has been in the cleaning industry for over 35 years. Working his way from a carpet cleaner for a large janitorial firm, Joe’s reputation for excellent quality and service grew on his way to becoming a partner in a successful cleaning company, before starting Clean Image Special Services in 2005.

“I Believe there is no one cleaning method that is appropriate for all various types of carpets. Clean Image takes a personal approach to each job to ensure that the client gets a program that will have long term benefits” – Joe Goncalves, President

Our Commitment

Clean Image is committed to providing superior carpet and upholstery maintenance services, while delivering the highest level of customer service available in the industry. Whether it be a onetime cleaning, or a proactive carpet maintenance program, we will deliver superior performance by utilizing the latest equipment and cleaning products.

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A Toronto area special services company specializing in carpet and upholstery maintenance programs. We also provide a variety of other cleaning and maintenance services.